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Go To Your Happy Place

If I had thought about the things that would happen today, I would have only known one thing. It was my first day of work at my new job selling cars. All the things I would expect to happen occured along with the unknown. I work with my brother on the same shift, but in a different department. Two others began with me and at the end of the day I had nothing to speak of. After work my brother, coworker and I drink at a restaurant for a while and walk over to bevmo. My brother buys the biggest bottle of tequila that he found available (1.75 liters) and we bring it back to his boss. After a little while we head home after watching tv in the lounge for an hour waiting for traffic to go down. At home I see a candle jar of mine broken lying on the counter. The absurdity of any possesion of mine lying in broken shards that would never leave my room but from my own doing is unfathomable. I enter my room and the disarray looks as it was when I scavenged clothes suitable for work. I look at where the glass should have lied and I see plastic, metal, and glass all entangled together in a 5x3 rectangle on top of my television. There is a triangle like indention with a large piece of glass stuck sunken in the plastic. My monitor lies next to my television and from my vantage point; seething in my chair. I can see that piece of glass sticking out!!! Spiting me and infuriating me as to why it would even be possible, but I know as to why. The only possibility is my mother. I call her and I can hear the background noise of whatever function it is she is at and I prod her for an answer of some satisfying proportion. Everything I'm told is a lie. I cuss her out to an infuriating response that's just as prepostures as the first excuse. I hang up to curse the air around me and console the disfigured television I own. She had come into my room and smelled the cinnamon coming from the unlit candle and lit it. She took a shower and left the house for a while. When she had returned there was a strong smell of cinnamon and ran to blow out the candle, but the damage was done and I get flat out lied to. She's not a little kid and she had a whole day to tell me (I know she spoke to my brother and asked about me when I was with him). There wasn't much wax left and the wicks were about done for. I had thought about throwing it out because of it, but I lazily decided next week since my garbage bag was full. I'm not going to hold a grudge although everytime i see that hole I'll get pissed off. Wheres the respect and maturity? With my parents I don't cuss except in casual conversation, so don't take it against me for blowing up on her. If not fuck off I stand by what i did.
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