Chris (blazing_dragon) wrote,

I Need Some Sort Of Space

Right now I'm in my two bedroom apartment that I share with my brother. Everything is fine with him and me with everything that concerns living together. RIght now I can hear snoring and my grandparents are sleeping in the living room (I'm in here too) and my brother is in his bed and my mom in mine. WTF I hate this. Everythings fine for visiting a little while but overnight stays just don't work and oh the dog is staying too. I probably got too comfortable with the situation before, but apparently my parents are moving back to San Diego and we're all going to be living together somewhere else. My parents stayed here a week; my dad left last tuesday and my mom will continue indefinitely untill we all move-in together. Good I suppose, really only good for my pocketbook as I can hardly live on my own atm. My last few months haven't been good and I feel betrayed by it all and discontent.
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