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Y si no me amas, Nunca me lo digas

Maybe it all caught up with me but I've lost motivation to do anything right now. I'm basically hiding out at work waiting for 5 to come. Last night I was drinking at Ozzie's house then went to Senor Frogs to eat and drink. I've been drinking a bit more lately since sunday when Alejandra sent me a text messege that she was leaving "Cristian ya no te voy a ver porque el miercoles me voy a sonora a trabajar." I felt devastated when I read it and called her a little later to have it said to me. I feel so unsatisfied and can't quite understand what went wrong except for that saurday night. We were both at fault. I knew she was leaving about the middle of the month but her sudden decision to me was unfair in my mind. She said she'd be back for Christmas for a week and leave again for a few months. I've realized that even as unimportant an issue it should be, how important it really is. Knowing that I can't help makes me question what it is that I am doing and yet by not even doing it I may have never known her. We never went as far as we could have gone and I long for it. I hesitated and stopped in another relationship since she had my full attention now it's time to reconsider. Good luck and take care is all I can really say now maybe there will be another chance but that's not the impression she left me as she quickly hung up the phone.

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