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Even If Your Heart Would Listen I Doubt I could Explain

As far as last minute arrangements I have done, I haven't had any better. I got 4 VIP tickets to see Kinky and Julieta Venegas play tonight at UCSD. I couldn't think of anybody that I knew that I could take. I remembered that Laura at the DMV probably might go since we had talked about this type of stuff before so I asked her. She ended up not being able to, but she asked some other people and they were who I would have liked to go with. I never had met Erika before but we both had seen each other, and Leti went too. We had fun even though they showed up late to go to the concert. We only saw the last song Kinky had played and then figured out how to get to the balcony area on the second flor that the VIP passes were good for and had a great view and weren't crowded at all. hanging out at Rock Bottom was cool and I hope we do it again, yet I'd like to spend more time with Ericka and she was giving me that impression. I'm just grateful for the fantastic night I hadn't planned on having.
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