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One Way...

It might be a bit random, yet I found myself thinking about my livejournal as I'm trying to fall asleep. Having my laptop approximately 4 inches from my head was the smallest amount of excuse I needed for putting off sleep once again. I'm very good at it and am certain I suffer from some sleep disorder. Not just by that fact, but other boring details. Writing this feels strangely enjoyable enough that I may actively use my account. Briefly looking at the last entry date it has been 2 years... I'll just say that I was shipwrecked during this period and am actually still lost. The irony of the situation has not passed me by as this was to be the sanctuary I was craving. During this period the amount of satisfying memories are a handful that overwhelmingly are not of the area. I'm dreading almost having to take a trip back to what I consider home. Through the last few years as it's happened the feeling of welcome has been diminishing leaving a subtle impression of annoyance; like of a babysitter who's been kept 2 hours too late. The ability to substantially experience friendship is the only redemption of this endeavor.
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