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It's a little bit lonely for me

Seems like I've been neglecting my journal for some time. Nothing intentional, just a temporarily forgotten item in my life. I have found it once again, and I never should have forgotten anyway. I finally finished moving into the apartment with my brother. I need to do a good job and unpack my stuff but from tonight until thursday my parents sticking around and then they'll living in Texas full-time. I'm going to go out there with them and fly back home on Labor Day. I like plane rides and it's a free one for me :) how can I complain and I'll check out Austin. Tonight I'm going to check out Markus Schulz and definitely hear a smokin set. I found out that Armin Van Buuren is going to be out here too. I've been listening to an immense amount of trance and I'm enjoying it. I also started listening to The Dears, great stuff. All I need is courage when i talk to Erika; even as much as I've fucked it up I still have an opportunity

Thursday, October 13, 2005
Armin van Buuren,
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