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I Would Give It All Up To Be Elsewhere

I've wasted my weekend as is typically normal. Friday was interesting hanging out with co-workers longer than I had anticipated and I felt bad ditching Aaron in the event of it. My brother found a girl at a restaurant a few days ago and was going to hang out with her and her cousin in TJ for her birthday. Mistake and cluster-fuck was what happened. I was his support and there wasn't too much I could do... I kept her off other guys best I could but she was wasted and according to her cousin that's the way she always gets. What advice could I give him, I don't know if he still remains interested, by her actions I would say just ditch her she's not worth any time. As we crossed back across the border she gave her number to some guy. Final Fantasy XI I spent most these weekend playing it, and I don't know wtf for. There's so much stuff I need to do. I need to get another job quick or pick up a second so I can pay rent. Yeah and Erika, well I've been fucking that up since the day we met.

Anyway I had a thought why do girls get a tattoo on their lower back? It's become some fad that I can't ignore. 'It's cute' not to me personally I can tolerate it, but some girls will branch out as they get 'addicted' to tattoo's. It becomes irritable because the same theme they may have put into the first somehow 90% of the time does not keep going. One thing that I did find kind of funny was I met some blonds a while back and I couldn't keep their names straight for whatever reason. I hate repeating names and asking 'whats your name again?' I feel like a jackass. They all had the cute lower back trademarks of this fad. Some big, some small but the basic principle. If it was the last thing in the world I would have thought of doing this was coming close to distinguishing them from one another. If anything get drunk don't remember names and just know it was the one with the small tribal tattoo is the one you need to be concerned or whatever is applicable to your scenario.
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